《The Hanging Temple》__ Rose Ho

Click the image to enjoy the album.

A friend asked if it would be worthwhile to visit Shanxi in China. I said yes.
I went to dig out some albums I did on the place back in 2010 to show her and to share with you too.
The places might have changed a lot now with more commercialization and with more developed infrastructure in the city. But it is still worth going and see the place.
I had a SDLC camera (a light Olympus) and a small digital camera along (Ricoh) for my travel. There is indeed quality difference between photos taken by my cell phone and those gadgets. It is too heavy to carry two such cameras along anymore, and I just feel content to capture “simply memories” with my handy cell phone…no more “photo fever”.
More places in Shanxi; more albums to come (but I will spread them out over the days).

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