《Earl Bates Park, North York》__ Rose Ho

Today I have the spirit of a lark and feel like it is weekend.

Because of? The long-missed sunny weather? Or, the wake-up chat with a friend who dropped by in the morning? Or, the good feeling when I saw myself in the mirror in the freshly permed hair from yesterday?

First thing: out for breakfast. McDonald’s. Junk? No issue. I had errands to run and clothes to sun-dry. Fast food suits my schedule.

Then outdoors. And… a veal shank dinner at the Italian bakery to top off the day. Why cook?

Outdoors? Where?

Park? Trail? Garden? Observatory? If any of my friends had come along with me, I would have gone to one of those “no sweat” parks I knew. But since none was going, why not the Earl Bates Park.

Yes, Earl Bates. I could take along my car …space for parking there. It’s already close to mid afternoon and Earl Bates was not far.

Earl Bates…..a place I associated with skiing in the city….a place where we took the kids once or twice when they were small. But this time, the Earl Bates came as a different park to me. Not because it is Summer time. But because there are so much more I’ve not known or seen before.

Amphitheater. Holocaust Memorial. Russian House. Philippino statue. Splash pad. Play gym. Quiet trails. And, of course, the ski lifts and trail, a huge park and the people.

Come and enjoy this Park with me as I strolled through it this afternoon. BTW: it was a “no-sweat” walk also.


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