《Go Where I Used To Go》__ Rose Ho

Approaching the longest day of the year.  Sky is lit around 5-ish a.m. and stays the same till 9:45-ish p.m.  Nothing is better than out for a walk at 7-ish a.m.
There I went…   Air fresh.  Birds chirping.  Walkers in groups or single.  Weather just right…not scotching hot, not windy, not chilly.  No rain too.
Then 2.5 hours of chit chat over morning dim sum specials with friends.  Cleared old cans of paint, old cell phones and expired medicine at home and took them to recycle on this Environment Day organized by the district.
Back home around 2 p.m.
A fruitful morning.
Not to forget…photo!
Enjoy “my trail” of this morning…..

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