《Toronto Lakefront update》__ Rose Ho

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Thought I could take advantage of the summer weather (25-29 C) and took a day off to Center Island today.  I went; but the island was closed due to the high flooding.
I walked the same waterfront but further down to the west and made 12,900 steps today.
What used to be a walkway next to the lake was under water today.
Petals of pink flowers (don’t ask me what kind) were being blown off the trees.  Yachts were rocking to and fro.

PS. The wind of today was quite high but not fierce.  In the days when I worked downtown, whenever there was a strong gale especially in the winter, people had to hold on to the ropes tied to the buildings on each side of the road, to cross the street (Bay Street).   The wind tunnel effect was not to be discounted.  People of 200 lbs. would not even dare to cross without hanging onto the rope.

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