《Riverdale Farm, Toronto》__ Rose Ho


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Initially, I was planning to go down to the Humber Bay park; but with the weather forecast of 20% to 30% of precipitation, I switched to go somewhere in the city where the run for shelter was short.

I picked Riverdale Farm in the neighbourhood of the urban Cabbagetown.
The Farm is in fact, a park in itself.  I spent about an hour and a half there, a place that I have never had the time and luxury of visiting.  (Logic follows that I did not bring my children there before.)

As a bonus find (yes, always a bonus), I “discovered” Cabbagetown…..an area much transformed  with houses face-lifted from the past….people who moved uptown had been moving back downtown there (as the newspaper said).  A quiet district.  Old houses preserved and refaced.  Each takes on a different character.  I spent an equally amount of time walking through this preserved district.  Close to 40 years in Toronto, first time to set foot in Cabbagetown that I much heard and read of!
I am very impressed by the locals who pour their energy, effort and time to preserve the district and support the Riverdale Farm.  As my token of goodwill to help promote the Riverdale Farm, I have submitted my album to them.  I told them that I am not vying for the Photo Contest which the Riverdale Farm Stewardship Group (RFSG), a volunteer group under Riverdale Farm, is currently conducting.  I told them I missed certain part of the Park and had taken photos inside the barn (a restriction in the photo contest) to complete a travel log for myself.
Please enjoy the Farm.  Tomorrow, I will walk you through Cabbagetown where the house price tag starts at the low million.

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