Black Rain Prelude__SL Kong

Black Rain Prelude

At hours two seventeen
I woke to see the sky in a web of sheenThunderclaps hit in an instant
Shaking my building from no distance
Terrified I turned to look
Ten more series of thunders broke
They peel and bolt
Turning me breathless fears provoked
Nature is showing its wrath
The spheres in a whirl bath

In between clashes and flashes
I saw trees on the hill bend and heave
As if to beg for mercy from heaven
Spellbound my heart rapidly pounced
To join cats and birds in tree bosom
Wondering if they were safe and sound

No voice amid deafening roars and clashes
Perhaps there were silent chatters
To comfort and pray
That the elements soon normally behave

But no Nature still has its way
In the morning when people wake
According to what the media say
We will be having a Black Rain Day

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