Three poems__SL Kong

Uneasy Dawn
My Sandy Rill

Uneasy Dawn

A low sky
Black clouds lie
No winds
Nothing breathes
The park is empty
Up above the dark hills
A sharp ray opens the window
To shine in silence
The world is instantly white
A pair of pigeons flies
Their white wings define
Landscape and trees
As if to free
A new day to please

My Sandy Rill

I stand again on my sandy rill
Like the years when I was here still
Watching its flow meanders at ease
Memories gradually release

No star can be seen in the blue sky
The altered landscape pale and wide
A moment of silence calls back sweetness
When the moon showered me with kindness

Sixty years had gone fast
So much sorrow had treaded pass
Now when I feel the cool water soothes
I erase those pains that I had gone through


What are evenings for

For remembering the wonders of sunset
Warm glows kept the sky in subdue beauty

For listening to the whispers of leaves
Harmonious with the sounds of quiet peace

For awaiting the twilight of stars
Together with the moon’s luminous calm

For reviewing the beginnings in life
And enjoy the fulfilling endings

For relaxing by a warm fire
Sparkles intensify the scent of pine

For anticipating a hard-earned repose
Thereafter the hopes of dawn

For simply enjoying a peace of mind

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