’64 Reunion Quebec Tour: Episode 2 – Boris Bistro

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Our hotel is on Sherbrook Avenue. Sherbrook Avenue housed a lot of brand name stores. McGill University is also on Sherbrook. The main street St. Catherine Street is just a couple of blocks away. The location was good. The hotel was decent. The street was already dark when we settled in. We could not venture outside for too long. It took 2 cabs and a van to transport us to the restaurant.

The restaurant is inside an office building. There is a space between buildings and the restaurant built a terrace joining the outside wall of the 2 building. They add canopies to shield the sun and keep the rustic outside concrete walls of the buildings exposed. Shrubs and greenery were brought in and the atmosphere was soothing and relaxing. It was dark and we could not sit outside, so we retired to a main dining room.

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