The Art of Peace of Mind__ Kong Shiu Loon

I used to travel extensively in Japan, to discover and to cleanse my soul, two decades ago when my son was there. The photos received bring back many fond and soothing memories. I wish to share them with all Wayanites, together with my thoughts and feelings.

What you see, slowly and deeply, is the art of achieving a peace of mind by finding the past from the present, and by appreciating the beauties and rhythms of nature as they present themselves. You should keep in mind that you are a part of nature, not outside it, nor trying to use it, and never to control or change it.

Just go through the photos with a minimum regard for the comments. Discover how serene everything is, be it a street, a building, food in a dish, berries and pine cone on snow, the characters in the signboards, the blue sky and green hills, the cherry blossoms, the furniture and the rooms, the food containers, the mood, the absolute cleanliness…..

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