The Mediterranean Cruise (Part 1 of 13)

Episode 0 (The Start)

Mediterranean is the offspring of many cultures and Greece is certainly a brilliant example of such a culture. Greece is a composition of over a hundred islands and they have their own characteristics.

The Greeks give us white sand and blue water which is included on their national flag. The Greeks give us the start of democracy which the Romans picked up and developed into a more complete system. The Greeks give us mythology where we can put our heads into adventures and dreams. The Greeks also give us science; architecture, social structure and the realization of man and god are almost the same as one.

All these wonderful things are waiting to be explored. One day out of the blue, I received a phone call from Dennis and he asked if I and my wife would be interested to go on a cruise ship and travel the Mediterranean and Europe with them. There will be 4 couples, all WYK boys, could keep company and visit Greece, Turkey, Italy, Monte Carlo, and finally Spain. The conversation started with me and yet it turned into decision making by the wives. This is a natural course of doing things and no one is going to be bold enough to voice any opposition. I think the Greeks also allow female votes and eventually the men stood in front and the women pulled the strings at the back. This is when the wisest saying of “I know nothing” came about. i non sanno niente. Gentlemen, please do not be-small these simple words for they are the back ground and foundation of everything. The wisdom cemented happy marriage, absolute tranquil life, reduction of noise level and most importantly, this is our fortified shield against everything. You will work less if you know nothing. You will put out less money if you know nothing. I can go on forever with the benefits of knowing nothing.

At the terminal and boarding the ship

At the terminal and boarding the ship

Decision was made, money was paid and we are on our way to a cruise. The members in the group were Dr. Dennis Leung and spouse with son, class 64, Eric Leung and spouse, class 65, Danny Ngan and spouse, class 64, and moi (the person who knows nothing) class 64. The good doctor travelled with me to Provence in 2008 and we had a lot of fun. While I know nothing, the good doctor knows everything.

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