Wilfred Wei (69) reports…

Captain Mike Yam(74), Michael Luk(76), Allan Lee(70, David Ho(70), Manager Wilfred Wei (69)

Captain Mike Yam(74), Michael Luk(76), Allan Lee(70), David Ho(70), Manager Wilfred Wei (69)

Thank you Roger, Edmund, Tim, George , Andrew, Jeff and spouses Vinnie , Elaine, Millie and, most important of all,  Mr Ho (who came 3 times to cheer for the team and took the winning game video) for your enthusiastic support, cheers and encouragements on game day.

Thank you Andrew for taking pictures and thank you Chris for his support on Whatsapp despite being physically in Chicago and unable to attend.

Well done Mike Yam (undefeated), Allan Li (for 2 great victories against top LSC & Mung Sang single players), David Ho, for cancelling important business meetings to stay throughout and won games for us and for Michael Luk who won a great game against Tsun Tsin College.

Our spirits were very high, before, during and after game day.

Perhaps Captain Mike can give us his run down to the championship and some of the highlights.

For the record:

Preliminary round robin
we beat the following teams in straight set 3-0, and came first in Group B to enter play off.


QF: We defeated SJC 3-0

S/F: We defeated LSC 3- 0 !!!!!!!

WYK beat MSC 3-2 and emerged as 2015 HKISAA Team Champion with 16 school team entries.

Congrats to Mike, David, Allan, Michael for their efforts and all Wayanites for strong spirit, comradeship, discipline and commitment!

We are very proud of you.

Wilfred Wei (Cl. of 69)
Dear Wilfred,

Hip hip hooray !!  Thanks for relaying the good news.  Congratulations to the WYK Team.

Anthony Yeh (HK)

On Sat, Jul 4, 2015 at 11:52 PM,
Thanks Andrew, I also checked our website.  Now I am turning in.  Goodnight.




From: awtang10
as attached.

From: Jon Kahn

Congratulations Team WYK. So what were the scores?  I couldn’t get to sleep.
On 07/04/2015 8:57 PM, Michael Luk wrote:
Allan played brilliant games against two strong opponents at critical points ! Well done !

Great job
Allan and Both Mike played so well

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