The Mediterranean Cruise (Part 6 of 13)

Episode 4 – the Greeks never left – Mykonos

The island of Mykonos is famous for its windmill and nice beaches. The houses are all painted in white as it is the only color allowed by law. There are not much vegetable on the island and the boat is the best vehicle to reach other ports and islands.

It was a quiet village and the whole island is supported by tourist trade. We walked around the town and visited the little boutiques. Upon one of them, a lady came out and spoke to us in English. As the conversation developed, we discovered she was a Western alumnus who graduated around the same year as me. She was born in London, Ontario. She visited the island of Mykonos and met her husband and they stayed on the island and opened a souvenir shop. It was a wonderful feeling and we enjoyed it thoroughly. While the conversation was carrying on, a customer closed by heard our conversation and she confessed she was also a Western alumnus a few years of our senior. That also called for more celebration and we walked out of that shop with a whole load of fragrance soap. There were extra pieces in the deal and yet we questioned did we need that much soap? It is still an unknown whether we go a good deal or we got taken.

Mykonos has wonderful sunshine and it would produce extremely useful solar power for its inhabitants. But there were very little use of solar panels.

We met an old lady who put a water dish by the wall. She gestured to me that was for the cats. Greek people believed in pets, especially cats and dogs. 

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