《A day in September》__Amy Siu

《A day in September》 Amy Siu

Today I clad gladly in black
to tread on murky grounds

A film-thin raincoat, a clear-cling hood
topped gravely with my boyish swim goggles
and an ‘envelope’ mask, a relic from the deadly past

I try to hold back streaming tears
and cap my billowy blood

But my legs fail me.

Sitting down I feel faint
fending off foamy pepper spray and stinging smoke
a little sad and surprised
that it’s not a solitary soul that they seek

Damn! I don’t even have a folding umbrella!

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2 Responses to 《A day in September》__Amy Siu

  1. YK 1965 says:

    Don’t be a monk/nun under an umbrella.
    Fate is in your hands.

  2. kong shou loon says:

    You will feel and see beauty if you looked away from your toes
    O youth, where is thy will to splendour
    Life is not a splash
    Nor a stand in

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