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《龜雖壽》曹操 (155~220)

Cao Cao Tomb

神龜雖壽    猶有竟時
騰蛇乘霧    終為土灰
老驥伏櫪    志在千里
烈士暮年    壯心不已

Tortoise Longevity    (selected part) Cao Cao                      江紹倫譯

Sacred tortoise live their lives long
They will not go against nature but die along
Free spirit dragons rise above the clouds to glide
In death they will disintegrate and return to earth to hide

An old horse takes its respite in its stall
Its determination remains to gallop speedily and tall
A brave man knows his years in decline
His aspirations are still bold and high

The Indomitable Soul         tr. by Father John Turner, S.J. (1909-1971)

Though old be the wise tortoise, yet
Die in the end he must:
And the mist-scaling dragonet,
He too shall come to dust.

Yet ancient steeds in stall that lie
Dream of the leagues they ran:
And heroes, though their doom is nigh
As ever play the man.

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《觀滄海》曹操 (155~220)

東臨碣石    以觀滄海
水何澹澹    山島竦峙
樹木叢生    百草豐茂
秋風蕭瑟    洪波涌起
日月之行    若出其中
星漢燦爛    若出其裏
幸甚至哉    歌以詠志

The Sea                      Cao Cao (155-220)                             江紹倫譯

From the Rocky Hill on eastern shore
I stand to watch the sea in awe
How the waves rock the beaches boisterous
How island mountains stand bold and marvellous

Trees of varying sizes grow competing to reach the sun
A hundred species of grass thrive green as one
Whence the autumn wind blows bleak
Billows surge to show thunderous feats

The sun and moon revolve in good time daily
They rise and fall as if from the deep
Stars from the Milky Way twinkle ever so gaily
They always return to sea to sleep

How grateful I feel to be here
I sing this song for memory to adhere

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