The WYKwinos Group


WYKwinosWYKwinos group 

With wine I conquer

The group is for the purpose of socializing and entertainment. It is a loose network and there are no set rules or policies. The group is also unofficially affiliated to WYKAAO as part of a network unit. Our main purpose is to meet from time to time, learn something about wine appreciation and more so, get away from the wives for a few hours so we can express ourselves freely.

Membership requirement: Applicant should be a graduate of WYK, or at one time enclosed within the confine of WYK. Applicant should also be active within WYKAAO functions.
Personality requirement: Sense of humour is essential and definitely THOU SHALT NOT BE SERIOUS.
Meeting frequency: We will set our subsequent meeting during the time we meet. The target is hopefully once a month. We also take rotating turns to organize the event.
Membership fee: There is no membership fee, though a basic charge of $25 per person will be collected each meeting to cover the wine, food, venue rental and other foreseeable or unforeseeable expenses. Any excess will be saved for the next meeting

The price of the wine purchased for the function would bear a maximum ceiling of $40 per bottle. Home brewed and local hooch should be discouraged at all times since it might induce a perpetual loss of memory and secure a constant state of intoxication. The members should each purchase their own goblet and present it for personal use during the events.

Our current membership is full. This membership thing will be addressed when we are more sober.

Our first meeting was held on November 14th 2009 and was hosted by John Kan.

A Wino Report will be published after each meeting.