Category: Poems by – 李之儀 (1038-1117)

《卜算子 》 (宋)李之儀(1038~1117)

我住長江頭 君住長江尾
日日思君不見君 共飲長江水

此水幾時休 此恨何時已
只願君心似我心 定不負相思意

Live by Yangtze’s Upstream
《Tune: Song of Divination》
               tr By SL Kong

I live by the Yangtze’s upstream and you downstream
Night by night of you I dream
Day in day out you are not in sight but deep in my mind
The same water we share by day and night

Whence will this stream of longing cease
Whence will this pain and sorrow in me ease
Let’s hope that our hearts are of the same kind
Then not in vain we each other pine

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