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Easter message to share

Dear brothers of Jesuits education,

Hope you have had a great Easter celebration with your beloved ones.

Wish to share two articles on this joyous occasion, the first one being from Loyola Press:



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可以贏而不贏!輸了比賽 贏來全球掌聲

西班牙運動員艾文‧費南德茲‧安納亞(Ivan Fernandez Anaya)在日前輸掉一場長跑比賽,卻贏得整個世界的掌聲。

就在領先的肯亞運動員阿貝爾‧穆太(Abel Mutai)誤以為抵達終點,而在終點前十公尺停下腳步時,迎頭追上的安納亞選擇提醒並指引穆太跑到終點,最後輸掉這場比賽。 Continue reading

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