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《To Montreal on a Twin Engine》__ Rose Ho

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《May Flowers》__ Rose Ho

Flowers in the Riverdale Farm taken on May 20, 2017.
Press to enjoy the whole picture.

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《Beltline Trail》__ Rose Ho


A hot day today.
First time on short sleeves.
Enjoy the Beltline Trail in downtown Toronto of today.

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《Go Where I Used To Go》__ Rose Ho

Approaching the longest day of the year.  Sky is lit around 5-ish a.m. and stays the same till 9:45-ish p.m.  Nothing is better than out for a walk at 7-ish a.m.
There I went…   Air fresh.  Birds chirping.  Walkers in groups or single.  Weather just right…not scotching hot, not windy, not chilly.  No rain too.
Then 2.5 hours of chit chat over morning dim sum specials with friends.  Cleared old cans of paint, old cell phones and expired medicine at home and took them to recycle on this Environment Day organized by the district.
Back home around 2 p.m.
A fruitful morning.
Not to forget…photo!
Enjoy “my trail” of this morning…..
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《Toronto Lakefront update》__ Rose Ho

[Please click the images to view the videos]

Thought I could take advantage of the summer weather (25-29 C) and took a day off to Center Island today.  I went; but the island was closed due to the high flooding.
I walked the same waterfront but further down to the west and made 12,900 steps today.
What used to be a walkway next to the lake was under water today.
Petals of pink flowers (don’t ask me what kind) were being blown off the trees.  Yachts were rocking to and fro.

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《Apparition 100 anniversary》__Rose Ho

今日過了一個很有意思的五月十三日。中學同學 Helen Ng 引導我去參加一個花地馬顯聖一百週年的紀念活動:Mass followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and healing prayers.
儀式簡單、充實、沒有fanfare。帶領的是加拿大一個失明的華人神父(Companion Of The Cross 的程明聦神父)。Father Ching 粵、國及英三語齊用、流利非常。我已很久沒有去 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 了、怕的是冗長的儀式。不過在 Father 引領下、兩小時多很快便過去。
同行亦有我女兒的代母 Wendy。Helen 是我的靈修導師、亦是我中文老師。Wendy 是一個有求必應的老朋友。Helen 是住在半小時車程外 的 Mississauga 。山長水遠出來 Toronto 真不話得。我坐在她們兩個中間不停的告訴自己:有這兩位關心自己的摯友相陪渡過這 Apparition 100 anniversary 的日子我是多麼的幸福。不用收什麼禮物、不用去吃飯慶祝、我今年已有一個很快樂和充實的母親節了。
PS. 我是一個冷淡教友、亦是第一次參加 Apparition 的慶典.
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《Toronto Lakefront》__ Rose Ho

Click the image to enjoy Toronto Lakefront.

Toronto Lakefront of today…
That strip between Bay Street and Spadina Avenue is more than just a promenade, water and trees.
It is a transformed area.
Enjoy this park, garden, man-made beach, man-made wetland, marinas, wave deck, schooners, restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, neighborhood centers, canoe and kayak clubs and the whatnot of today.
This is a good place to see for the tourists and a superb place to own your condo too.
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《Sakura in Taiwan》__ Rose Ho

Sakura viewing….but in Taiwan …. back in March this year.
Different flower.  Different weather.  Different feel.
Enjoy.   [Please click the image.]

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《High Park of Toronto》__ Rose Ho

Me and my cell phone….where will our photo journalism bring you today?
High Park of Toronto….to see the possibly last full cherry blossoms.  The experts say the trees are getting very old.
Enjoy…the bright blue skies and beat the winter blues together with the Torontonians….and check out the blossoms in this part of North America.
Please click the photo to enjoy the walk.

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《Sky Lantern __ Entrance of Simonne Aletheia》__ Rose Ho

Today, let’s go fly Sky Lanterns … in Taiwan.

That process was thrilling and exciting.  So was the drama of yesterday.

My daughter gave birth to her second child yesterday morning….in the foyer of the hospital right by the lift before we could go to the delivery floor.   “Call Code Blue!”  “Call Code Pink!”  “Baby’s head is coming out.” “Can someone get the body out too?”  “Stay clear please”  “Stay clear”  “Blanket please”   “Blanket”…..  …….. ……. A big commotion at the hospital lobby. Continue reading

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