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謝 Cheetahs

謝 Cheetahs

豹兒情義薄雲天  麻雀青春結契緣
昔日稚童孫已抱  當時丰采記猶鮮

故鄉何懼千山遠  舊友唯期一睹先
歲月縱能催鬢白  傾懷相笑頓忘年

Thank You Cheetahs       tr by Philip Lee

The friendship of Cheetahs is sky high
How it started at the Majong table cannot be denied
Those childhood days had transformed to seniors’ with grand children in our arms
Memories of those high moments followed us and around

While we are not deterred by being far from homeland
Everyone rushed to the reunion in order to shake one’s hand
Time passing by quickly and whiskers turned grey
Reunion with laughs allowed the yester years to be sent away

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相見歡 《虞美人》 (南唐) 李煜 (937-978) tr. byPhilip Lee

春花秋月何時了  往事知多少
小樓昨夜又東風  故國不堪回首月明中

雕欄玉砌應猶在  只是朱顏改
問君能有幾多愁  恰似一江春水向東流

Original Chinese Poem was composed by the last Emperor of South Tong Dynasty, Lee Yuk, ( a soliloquy the defeated emperor composed when he was imprisoned ) translated by Philip Lee (1960)

Spring flowers and autumn moon came and went in a repetitious span;
How much of the past do we really understand;
The breeze of spring has arrived again to my tiny abode where I am an imprisoned wizen;
Under the shining moon, it was a melancholy moment to reminisce my former empire in the south of far horizons;

My jade palace and the chattel of beauties should still be present and within range;
Except that my youthful appearance and the color of my palace had gone through a holistic change;
When asked how much more worries should I still be feeling much unease;
It is like the unlimited mass of water of the Yang Tze River perpetuating its torrent to the east.

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七步詩 曹植 (192-232)


Written on seven paces by Demand     tr. By S L Kong (1953)

Beans weep boiling in pot
Being cooked fired by its own stalk
Growing up we stemmed from the same root
Providence allows no haste we each other boot

tr by Robert Li (1959) and Philip Lee (1960)

From the pot of frying beans on a beanstalk fire;
Came weeping from the beans in the pot of dire;
Since the beans and stalk were derived from the same root of distinction;
Why the urgency in a rush for mutual destruction.

Seven-Pace Song     tr. By Father John Turner, S.J. (WYCHK 1946-47; 1949-61)

Beans in flame that bean stalks feed
Out from the pan cry
Sprung from the same stalk, what need
Each the other fry

曹植“七步成詩”的廣為流傳:「煮豆燃豆萁,豆在釜中泣。本是同根生,相煎何太急?」(见于《三国演义》),然而這首詩不見於陳壽的《三國志》,最早見於南朝 劉義慶的《世說新語·文學》,《世说新语》记载着魏文帝曹丕妒忌曹植的才学,命曹植在七步之内作出一首诗,否则将被处死,曹植在不到七步之内便吟出:「煮豆持作羹,漉菽以为汁。萁在釜下燃,豆在釜中泣。本自同根生,相煎何太急?」但此詩是否為曹植所著作,至現今仍有爭議。   维基百科 __ YK Chan

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