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Wino Gathering No. 60

Wino #60 was held at the same time as AGM 2018. MEIOMI Pinot Noir was the featured wine.

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Wino Gathering No. 58

The Wino Group decided to venture into sake/sashimi appreciation in its gathering #58 at Kaga Cuisine – Japanese Fine Dining. Click here to see more pictures.

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WYKwino Report No. 53

Wino #53
From the host of Wino #53, Anthony Lee,

“We have lots of fun tonight and I hope everyone enjoy the wine tasting for the 4 different types of Pinot Noir from Burgundy of France , Central Otago ‎of New Zealand, Sonoma Coast of USA and Oregon of USA. These 4 bottles are the entry level wine for Pinot Noir. However, it gives you the taste of New World Vs Old World wine. If you are interested you can check out the higher level wine maker that produces Estate wine with smaller parcel of grape.
See you in September Wino #54.
Cheer!” (more pictures here)

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