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《銀雹泉》黃秉坤(?) __ 江紹倫英譯

《銀雹泉》黃秉坤(?)  《Yin Bao Spring》Huang Bing Kun

愛汲新泉自煮茶  I love to brew my own tea with water from a new spring
一睹魚蟹眼生花  And watch fish and crab eyes in the broth swing
此間便足消煩熱  All my worries disappear in a moment like this
豈必清門學种瓜  Why need I learn to grow melons to please

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《感通寺與僧舊話》劉維 (明) __江紹倫英譯

《感通寺與僧舊話》劉維 (明)

《Past Chats With a Monk at Gam Tong Temple》Liu Wei (Ming Dynasty )

竹居瀟洒白雲邊  A bamboo cabin stands next to cloud’s edge
僧話留連茗熏煎  With a monk brewing tea repeatedly I chat
海山久思惟有夢  In dreams one can handle national affairs at ease
心中長住不知年  And forget about the passing of yester-years

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《唐多令》李剡 (1232-1303)__ 江紹倫英譯

《Tune: Vibrant Melody》Li Yan (1232-1303)

雨過水明霞    The water is clean and sublime after rain
潮回岸帶沙    Returning tides add to the banks sandy rims
葉聲寒    Leaves rattling cold
飛透窗紗    Through curtains behind the window
懊恨西風催世換    How regretful the west wind had changed the reign
更隨我    Following me
落天涯    To yonder horizon Continue reading

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《New Year Eve》Wen Tian Xiang

乾坤空落落  Heaven and earth exist wide and high
歲月去堂堂  My years gone my spirit freely ride
末路驚風雨  Winds and rains foretell the end of my road
窮邊飽雪霜  In the frontier I had endured stormy snows Continue reading

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《有美堂暴雨》蘇軾(1037-1101) __ 江紹倫英譯

《Stormy Rain over Mount Wu》Su Shi

遊人腳底一聲雷  A sudden thunder clap rouses the feet of travelers
滿座頑雲撥不開  Dark clouds so dense they defy plying dispersers
天外黑風吹海立  From the sky a black wind stirs up sea waves to stand
浙東飛雨過江來  Flying rains from the east cross the river to present Continue reading

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《勘會賀蘭山主》王安石(1021-1086) __江紹倫英譯

《Meeting the Master of Mount Helan》Wang An Shi

賀蘭山上幾株松  How many pines are growing in Helan Mount
南北東西有幾峰  How many peaks stand in all directions around
買得往来今幾日  You dwell in here since how many days ago
尋常誰與坐従容  Who sits with you at ease in days usual

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1  《菩薩蠻•過張見陽山居賦贈

2  《菩薩蠻•為春憔悴留春住

3  《菩薩蠻•黃雲紫塞三千裏

4  《菩薩蠻•白日驚飚冬已半Continue reading

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《子夜歌》《浪淘沙》李煜(937-978)__ 江紹倫英譯

《子夜歌》《Midnight Song》 Li Yu

人生愁恨何能免  Who could avoid rancor and grief in life
銷魂獨我情何限  Limited is happiness of a singular kind
故國夢重歸  I dreamed returning to my old country
覺來雙淚垂  Waking up I find wet tears plenty
高樓誰與上  Who was with me up the high tower
長記秋晴望  I recall looking far out in autumn
往事已成空  Past events now empty
還如一夢中  They live still in dreams Continue reading

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《Hearing a Flute at Spring Night》 Li Yi

寒山吹笛喚春歸  A flute sings on Cold Hill to call back spring
遷客相看淚滿衣  Travelers face one another their tears rain
洞庭一夜無窮雁  Geese fly over Lake Dong Ting all night to flee
不待天明盡北飛  They horridly head north before dawn appears

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《問李二司直》皇甫冉(716-769) __江紹倫英譯

《Questions for Officer Li》Huang Pu Ruan

門外水流何處  Where flows the stream outside my door
天邊樹繞誰家  What families dwell among the trees in the horizon
山色東西多少  East and west of the mountain how far is the separation
朝朝幾度雲遮  How many times a day do clouds shade my home

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