12 Jesuit inventions and discoveries that might surprise you


Something to think about as you sit beneath the beach umbrella, sipping a G-and-T.

If not for the Society of Jesus, we would not be enjoying some basics taken for granted in the modern world. Nerdy academic Jesuits and their swashbuckling, globe-trotting missionary brothers have made significant contributions not only in astronomy, seismology, mathematics and technology, but also in theatre, botany, medicine and international cuisine.

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《百首中文金曲榜》 __岑建成(71)編

歲月流聲 – 我們喜愛的100 首中文歌曲。

71屆同學葉柏年(Fred Yip) 去年以其極敏鋭的音樂觸覺及其對流行音樂的熱忱,寫了 “Music to My Ears – A Mosaic of 100 Songs” 一文,開宗明義地引莎翁名言,說明欠缺音樂的人生是乏味的,靈魂會像黑夜般昏沉、心胸會像地獄般幽暗。跟著細訴他如何在耳濡目染下與流行音樂結下不解之緣,並完全投向妙曼樂韻的懷抱裏。之後他更精挑細選出他至愛的百首英文歌曲與同好分享。百首金曲推出後,反應熱烈。部份71 屆同學們意猶未盡,經集思廣益後,亦炮製了百首中文金曲( 以下簡稱「百大」)應和。百首中文金曲榜,涵蓋了40至千禧年代不同時期不同類型的歌曲,以一人一首的規格,收錄了歌者們的代表作。


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《Wah Yan Junior Boys’ Choir》__ Monica Tang

Wah Yan College Junior Boys’ Choir (members from both HK and Kowloon) on a tour in Europe taking part in competitions at the International Youth Music Festival at Bratislava, Slovakia.
This is their first meal at Bratislava with the owners of the restaurant before the competitions.

Here is the result of their work: WYJuniorChoir20170726.

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《Earl Bates Park, North York》__ Rose Ho

Today I have the spirit of a lark and feel like it is weekend.

Because of? The long-missed sunny weather? Or, the wake-up chat with a friend who dropped by in the morning? Or, the good feeling when I saw myself in the mirror in the freshly permed hair from yesterday? Continue reading

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Wino Gathering No. 56

July 21, 2017 at Golden Jade Restaurant 金翠園餐廳 (820 Denison St.)

Selection of wines and the dish to pair:

2009 Château Tour Baladoz – Red Bordeaux Blend
– Deep Fried Eel in Pepper & Salt
– Hand-shredded Chicken

2013 Domaine Dirler-Cadé Lieu-dit Schimberg Pinot Gris – Alsace
– Steam Eel

2003 Domaine André Mathieu Châteauneuf-du-Pape – Red Rhone Blend
– Duck in Basil and Lemon Sauce Continue reading

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《Federer at Wimbledon》__ Don Chen (71)





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《網球天王費特拿》 __ 陳瑞文; 張炳鑫英譯



“Federer, King of Tennis” 張炳鑫英譯 Continue reading

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《Humber Bay Park and East Don Parkland》__ Rose Ho

Finally….made a trip to the Humber Bay Park.

Liked it despite…
– one way out there was approximately 1.75 hours long by public transit;
– rain was forecasted.
Bonus from this trip: an appetite to walk Queen’s Street from Yonge to all the way west. The sights in the different districts are so different. An excellent photography trip.

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《A Cloudy Day in July》__ Rose Ho

今晨清涼。下午酷熟。去平日的步行徑  、烏雲密佈、幸好沒雨。請看今日之收獲。


睇完景就食飯! Continue reading

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