The morning town __ Rose Ho

The morning town….the estate where I live in Hong Kong….

4-ish/5-ish in the morning….

Old people are already exercising down in the podium…rain or shine.


People are up the Hong Kong trail behind the estate for their morning walk or exercise.  Not all are old people or retirees, some are workers, blue or white-collared, before they start work that day.


Students are up; maids are up; grannies are up; parents are up…..all ready for school which starts at 8 a.m.  Elevators are packed.  Buses, school bus or otherwise, are full.   Workers who want to have an early start are on their way to work too.   Some people are heading off to church.  In the church, not all are retirees or old people.  A few are politicians or white-collars who are there to seek strength, peace and wisdom for their day.


More workers are streaming out of their apartments.  Buses are full…not only in the direction of downtown, but also uptown.   Loads of students get off at the University of Hong Kong stop; many more others at the Queen Mary Hospital one.  Other workers head for Cyberport or other residential areas in this south-western part of the Hong Kong island.

Late 8-ish…..

This time is the tots’ turn.  They saunter, with hands holding onto their maids or grannies, and head for ‘school’.  Yes, school!   These are the 2+ years old heading for their pre-kindergarten or special language / skills classes.  In the morning, they walk.  In the afternoon when they return from school, some of them need to be carried…they are tired, they are sleepy.  They are babies afterall!


Buses are less hectic.  Bus drivers who might have already completed few rounds of runs, can now enjoy their cup of coffee.  Construction workers, morning hikers, more estate residents…women, men, old, middle-aged…are converging in the fast-food restaurant for breakfast and for their social meeting of the day.

The handicapped are being wheeled (-chaired) down to the podium for their morning sunbath.  It’s their social time….so is that of their maids.

Such is the morning life in this humble decent estate where I live (in Hong Kong)…..boisterous and healthy……. 

…….a far cry from those districts with the $200 million houses or estates with the $20+ million apartments where people may just be getting to bed after their late night out and their round of drinks with the last bar call in areas like Lan Kwei Fong, Tsimshatsui or other night hangouts.

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