Angus Reid: 50% of Liberal/NDP voters willing to vote strategically to avoid Harper Majority

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses

Sunday, May 1, 2011

An incredible openness to strategic voting by progressive Canadians was revealed in the results of Saturday’s Angus Reid poll:

Many pundits focused on groundbreaking numbers solidifying for the NDP while at the same time showing the Harper Conservatives polling dangerously close to majority territory. Most importantly, there was significant data indicating that May 2nd could be a watershed moment for co-operative voting. Half of all NDP and Liberal voters are now indicating they are willing to vote strategically in this election to prevent Harper from achieving a majority government.

From Angus Reid:

“more than a third of Canadians (36%) are considering voting strategically in order to reduce the chances of a specific party forming the government, even if it means casting a ballot for a candidate they dislike. More than half of Liberals (55%) and more than two-in-five NDP supporters (44%) are pondering this option.”

Check to see if vote-splitting is a factor in your riding and make your voice heard on May 2nd. We can restore our democratic traditions if enough concerned Canadians elect to work outside strict partisan structures to defeat Harper Conservative candidates in key contests.

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