(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)


Hoping to break out of his party’s mediocre showing in the polls, Ignatieff tried Sunday to appeal directly to voters with a personal, at-times emotional infomercial that aired nationally.

The 30-minute Liberal ad attempts to expose millions of viewers to the kind of town hall meetings Ignatieff has been holding daily. The sessions, where he takes unscripted questions from large audiences, are seen by Liberal handlers as his best moments during the campaign and as a stark contrast with Conservative leader Stephen Harper’s carefully controlled public exposures.

In the ad, Ignatieff talks about his past, his campaign platform and what he sees as Harper’s overly politicized approach to public affairs.
“I think we want a government that listens to Canadians instead of manipulates Canadians,” Ignatieff says as soft music plays in the background.

Les Whittington
Ottawa Bureau
Toronto Star

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