New Lingo of the Harper government past (2)

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

6. Contempt       an Act of Arrogance

Definition of Contempt

1. Contempt of Parliament , a Canadian first
2. With shrug of shoulders: Win some, lose some (a revealing utterance)
3. Train staff and ministers to hide information, evade questioning, and doctor documents

Origin of Contempt

Ruling by Speaker Peter Milliken, that the government has scorned Parliament, and shown a lack of respect to the people entrusted by Canadians to represent their interests, in refusing a committee’s request for detailed information on the costs of federal law-and-order legislation. Mr. Milliken’s ruling that the government “on its face” breached parliamentary privilege will now give rise to a vote on contempt.

7. Redaction       a Political Game

Definition of Redaction

1. Strokes of black magic marker
2. Political game of Hide and Seek
3. With-hold of information
4. Cover-up of information

Origin of Redaction

In March 2010, opposition MPs have accused the Conservative government of showing contempt for the authority of Parliament with its tabling of about 2,500 pages of heavily redacted documents related to the Afghan detainee controversy.

8. ^NOT       a Doctoring Tool

Definition of ^NOT

1. A new Conservative invention/intervention tool.
2. Simpler tool than the black marker
3. A negation to be inserted after document already signed
4. An untraceable act (no ‘initial here’ necessary if done by the government)

Origin of ^NOT

International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda rose in the House of Commons Monday to admit that it was on her order that the word “not” was inserted in a memo drafted by senior public servants recommending she approve new funding for the church-backed aid group Kairos.

9. “Win Some, Lose Some”       an Act of Arrogance

Definition of “Win Some, Lose Some”

1. WSLS, an abbreviation for “Arrogance”
2. Big deal, my way or the highway
3. Must be the work of the coalition
4. It’s just a political game

Origin of “Win Some, Lose Some”

House Speaker Peter Milliken ruled Wednesday there’s a case against the government for breach of privilege after it refused to hand over detailed cost estimates of its anti-crime agenda.

He also found a minister may have misled MPs, and the opposition was right to keep pursuing the issue. Both rulings reasserted Parliament’s authority in being able to call for documents and other information MPs feel they need to do their jobs.

“We have debates in Parliament all the time,” Harper said in Toronto. “The Speaker rules. You win some, you lose some.”

10. G8/G20       an Extravagance

Definition of G8/G20

1. $1.1-billion extravagance
2. Man made crisis
3. Avoidable situation simply by choosing a different location
4. Questionable decision
5. Police state

Origin of G8/G20

The 2010 G-8 took place in Huntsville, without trouble; but the G-20 summit was moved to downtown Toronto, with easy traffic access and vulnerable businesses and store-fronts. Definitely was a magnet to attract mass protests and open season for violent demonstrations. Beg for the question of WHY. Probably to justify showing off to the world, our enormously powerful police force, recruited all over Canada, to exert brutal suppressions and arrests, needlessly costing Canadian taxpayers $1.1 billion dollars and also the creation of a Police State

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