New Lingo of the Harper government past (1)

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

1. UN Snub a Disgrace

Definition of UN Snub

1. Lose Face in the world
2. Misfortune bestowed upon oneself due to errant foreign policies

Origin of UN Snub

Canada lost the seat of the UN Security Council to Portugal under the Harper government

2. Minority as Majority an Act of Arrogance

Definition of Minority as Majority

1. Rule ruthlessly and un-democratically
2. My way or the highway

Origin of Minority as majority

During the last Parliament, Harper used all sort of tricks to stay in power, although only a minority government; basically he was making use of the weakness of the opposition parties

3. Coalition a Dirty Word

Definition of Coalition

1. A four letter word in the Harper lingo
2. Scare tactics frequently used in this election to divert attention from real issues
3. Allowable only if it is led by Harper et al

Origin of Coalition

Combine force of the opposition parties to fight Harper government that led to the prorogation of Parliament for 3 long months

4. Prorogation a Game Plan

Definition of Prorogation

1. When things are rough, time out or chicken out
2. Retreat and regroup
3. No fly zone
4. Hold your horses
5. Gone skiing, close for business, back in 3 months

Origin of Prorogation

Opposition parties finally united together that forced the Harper government to retreat to lick its wound and suspend parliament for 3 months

5. In and Out a Lucrative Trick

Definition of In and Out

1. Creative accounting of the Conservative election monetary finance
2. Money laundering
3. Quick money scheme
4. Abracadabra

Origin of In and Out

Four senior Tories were charged by Elections Canada with “willfully” exceeding spending limits in 2006, by depositing fund to individual Conservative candidate and re-deposited the fund back to the Conservative Party

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