Yes We Can

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

No thanks to Harper, the dream of us immigrants is still well and alive.

“Yes we can”, with these words Obama became the president of the United States, and showed the world, yes a black man can be the leader of a powerful nation.

But here in Canada, can we duplicate such a dream, a dream for us immigrants and our children.

“Yes we can”, but with many obstacles.

Ignatieff, leader of the opposition, came from an immigrant family. His father arrived from Russia and worked very hard, from scratch, to build a new life for his family. Now his son is the honourable leader of the opposition. This story should be an inspiring example for us all.

But what happened when Ignatieff tried to point this out, he was brutally attacked by his opponents, that his father was elite from Russia, not a poor peasant. As if we immigrants, when we came here, should be illiterate; should only be qualified to build the railroad, to work in mines and laundries and as cheap labour, but cannot be educated professionals, as many of us modern day Chinese Canadians (especially our readers here). This is the mentality that belongs to the 19th century, and quite a shock, coming from the governing party.

After so arrogantly stamped on, our dream and the dream for our children, this is a wake-up call.

A dream come true required hard work, understanding and patience. Now this election is a chance for us to show our colour.

Yes We Can!

Here is a more in-depth article on the same theme:

Are Ignatieff’s family ties a help or a hindrance?

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