Object of Our Affection

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

We all love God, family and soccer, though not always in that order. And it all depends on what year it is, of the World Cup and you have a rich aunt in the family, who may leave you everything.

Traditionally, Sunday belongs to the Lord. He rules the pews of all churches. His word of wisdom whips the faithful into a religious frenzy with sermons of sin and redemption and charges the air with the electric buzz of his spirit.

But not this past Sunday.

Our Lord, please forgive all my brothers and sisters. They have sinned by flocking to the nearest restaurant / bar with the largest TV HD screen, instead of to Church. They’re so vain, dressed in orange, or yellow and red and blow their own vuvuzela horn.

But it was worth their while, to play hooky. After waited for the full 116 boring minutes, went even into extra time, the expected actually happened. Somebody finally scored (his real name is Andres Inlesta, of Spain).

The fans were rewarded. The World Cup and its new master were paired-up. This stirred up an electric frenzy and extreme maddened celebrations; fans spilled into the streets everywhere. But sorry to point out, though, my Lord, this frenzy surpassed all the other Sundays’.

And this also elevated Paul, the psychic octopus to the instant celebrity status, with a 100% accuracy in predicting winners of all the semi-final and final matches of this World Cup.

So my advice is, for those who do not have a rich aunt in your family to love, (and those who just lost the WYKAAO World Cup Soccer Fun Contest), start your Octopusy diet now, it may increase your accuracy in predicting the future winning lottery numbers.


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