Another Flotilla Raid

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

“Mr. Prime Minister.  Sir.  Baird reporting.”

“Go ahead, Commando Baird.”

“Sir, Mission Impossible IV accomplished. Commandos Paradise, Goodyear and I, stormed the Jaffer-Guergis Parliamentary Inquiry Flotilla, captured the forum by force, with shouting matches; disrupted and dismantled the whole proceedings. We created a smokescreen of bickering, chaos, and left them in total disarray. Unlike the Israeli, we did that without raising any Canadian outrage.”

“Well done, Commando.”

“Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. We did it again. First we circumvented the attack of the Gang of Three by perogation of parliament. Then we redacted the Afghan detainees documents and perogation. Our sudden dumping of Guergis left the opposition stunned and stared in the dust, with their mouths opened. Now we did it again, by refusing to let our staff to testify. This is a cunning move, if I may say so myself, ha, ha.”

“Yes, Commando. The opposition raised the war with the club of Parliamentary Inquires, using these Inquiries to get at us. I like your idea of throwing the parliamentary rule book at them. An eye for an eye. Don’t expect us to give them the other cheek, or any cheek at all, as a matter of fact.”

“Yes Sir. We are going to continue this Democracy Blockade, to isolate them, to prolong our survival. Divide and conquer. We’ll keep them disorganized. We are fortunate to have such weak characters in opposition, to tell you the truth.”

“They are talking of forming an alliance without the Bloc this time.”

“Don’t worry, the Liberals are falling apart, the visiting professor just announced he is dead set against such marriage proposal. Their window of opportunity to do such is closing fast on them.”

“Losers don’t get to form coalitions. Winners are the ones who form government.”

“Yes, we wish. Sleep tight.”

“Excellent,  Commando. Carry on, with our political games, better than my son’s Nintendo.”

“Good night, Mr. Prime Minister.”

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