《In Drear-Nighted December》by John Keats __ 江紹倫譯

In drear-nighted December
Too happy, happy trees … translated by SL Kong

In Drear-Nighted December 歲終寒夜之歌
John Keats 約翰‧濟慈     江紹倫譯
IN drear-nighted December, 在淒涼的歲終寒夜裡
Too happy, happy tree, 過份快樂的一棵快樂樹
Thy branches ne’er remember 你的枝柯從不記起
Their green felicity: 前所有過的綠色幸福
The north cannot undo them 北方的嚴寒不能除落它
With a sleety whistle through them; 雪雨驚風不能威迫它
Nor frozen thawings glue them 即使冰塊化解亦不能解開它
From budding at the prime. 只讓你在春天壯茁吐蕊
In drear-nighted December, 在淒涼的歲終寒夜裡
Too happy, happy brook, 過份快樂的一條快活溪澗
Thy bubblings ne’er remember 你的沸騰從不記起
Apollo’s summer look; 你在夏天太陽神下的容顏
But with a sweet forgetting, 只願甜蜜地忘記
They stay their crystal fretting, 那水泡呈現的晶瑩美麗
Never, never petting 你永遠永遠不怨懟
About the frozen time. 那冰封雪凍的時光
Ah! would ’twere so with many 啊但願在芸芸眾生裡
A gentle girl and boy! 有一對少年男女
But were there ever any 但是可能有誰人
Writhed not at passed joy? 能對歡樂消逝不心痛神傷
The feel of not to feel it, 世事無常為人所知
When there is none to heal it 心靈的創傷無法醫治
Nor numbed sense to steel it, 麻木不仁亦不能把變化阻止
Was never said in rhyme. 這都未曾給表露在詩韻裡
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