Going Home* William Arms Fisher (1861-1948)

Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2aLSat3h0w

回老家              陳耀国中譯及備注   Footnote from Wikipedia; translation by YK Chan for singing-along

Going home   going home      I am going home

Quiet like       some still day   I am going home

It’s not far      just close by      through an open door

Works all done   cares laid by   never fear no more

Mother’s there expecting me    Father’s waiting too

Lots of faces gather there   all the friends I knew

I am just going home

回老家   回老家   我正回老家

安静的   休止日   我正回老家

家不遠   相当近   門開從此進

工作完   関懷近   永不再害怕

母親在   等候我   父親也在等

很多人在一起   都是我朋友


No more fear   no more pain

No more stumbling by the way

The Walk to Paradise Garden, W. Eugene Smith, 1946

No more longing for the day

Going to run no more

Morning star lights the way

Restless dreams all gone

Shadows gone   break of day

Real life has begun

There is no break   there is no end    just living on

Wide awake   with a smile   going on & on

不再怕   不再痛






影己往   天正亮


沒中断   沒止境   只有永生

真清醒   又欢笑   永遠是如此

Going home   going home   I am going home

Shadows gone   break of day   real life has begun

I am just going home

回老家   回老家   我正回老家

影己往   天正亮   真生命己始



It has been claimed that the theme from the Largo (2nd movement in Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9)  was adapted into a spiritual-like song “Goin’ Home”, by black composer Harry Burleigh, whom Dvořák met during his American sojourn, and lyricist William Arms Fisher,[9] but the song was actually written by Fisher and based on Dvořák’s Largo theme.

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