10 Reasons Why the Olympic Flame is Locked Up

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

10. To stop the rain by aiming the flame to the sky at a certain angle (yes,  it worked,  no more rain)

9. To prorogue the Game for more favorable conditions by shutting down the cauldron

8. To contain the Flame to a small area to reduce carbon pollution, in the spirit of the Copenhagen 2009

7. To create an eye-sore, oh, I mean a tourist attraction

6. To create more jobs, in setting up and altering the fences daily; stimulated by the Canada’s Economic Action Plan

5. This is how Vancouver fights crime, put everything under lock and key

4. To boost the spirit of our athletes, VANOC promised the fence will be down once we have 10 Gold medals

3. By placing the Olympic flame behind a fence became a symbol in itself

2. To prevent terrorists attacks and avoid protests at all cost

1. Without the Olympic Flame, some Olympians are already too hot to handle (see picture below)

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