“La donna è mobile” libretto by F.M. Piave (1810-76)

A popular English song version of this aria is known as "Over the Summer Sea"

La donna è mobile                  F.M.1 Piave (1810-76)

[Tenor aria2 from Verdi’s opera “Rigoletto”]

女人是善变的         (意) F.M. 皮亚费 谱词


Tr. YK Chan 陳耀国译 


La donna è mobile                  女人是善变的

Qual pium al vento,                她像一根羽毛随风

Muta d’accento                        改变她的话语,

E di pensiero.                           也转換她的思构。

Sempre un amabile                那经常可爱的

Leggiadro viso,                       优美的臉孔,

In pianto o in riso                    在哭泣或欢笑中

É menzognero.                          尽是在说谎。 

É sempre misero                      男人常常是可悲的

Chi a lei s’affida,                       因他相信女人,

Chi le confida                            也委托地

Mal cauto il core!                    错把心交给她!

Pur mai non sentesi                唯佢永远沒有感到

Fèlice appieno                         充份欢欣

Chi su quell seno                     倘在那胸脯上

Non liba amore!                      尚未品尝到爱情!


1 Francesco Maria 法兰车斯高.马里亚

2 Sung by Nicolai Gedda: 


sung by Luciano Pavarotti: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCFEk6Y8TmM&feature=related

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