《Lessons for Elementary Schools (4)》__ Kong Shiu Loon (53)

Compassion and Selfishness

“We learned two words today,” Nancy tells her Grandpa after school as they do their daily chat on the old rocker at the front porch.
“Why only two?” Grandpa asks.
“One is already a lot, because its meaning covers far and wide, Mr. Shaw told us.”
“Let me guess. It has four alphabets,” says Grandpa. He and Nancy enjoy playing little games.
“I’ll give you one more chance.”
“I would still say the word love, because no other word has more meaning.”
“Wrong again, Grandpa, we learned the word compassion. It has ten alphabets.”
“What is the second word?”
“It is selfishness.” “OK, what did you learn about the word compassion?
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