14/15-day Motorcycling Adventure by Bonbon Hu (65)

Sunday, August 9, 2009 (Day 14)

Burns Lake

Williams Lake, city and valley

It has been a beautiful day. We left Burns Lake at 8C, and arrived at Williams Lake at 24C. Mostly sunny, some overcast. Lots of highway repair, but good to ride on asphalt again. It is a relatively short ride, 460 Km.

I stopped by places like, Vanderhoof, Prince George, Quesnel. I was going to take a 200 Km detour to Barkerville, east of Quesnel, since I heard so much about it as an old pioneer town. Then I remembered, I spent 2 days at Dawson City and saw it all.

Prince George

As we were beginning to get closer to “civilization” as we travel today, I had some real food for lunch at Prince George, MacDonald’s 6 piece MacNugget Meal. It was good! Ha Ha.

This is the last night on the road. We went to the hotel’s restaurant to have group dinner again as we had every night for the past 13 evenings. Then we walked to Dairy Queen about 200m away. John Valk treated us to ice cream dessert. Then we had a drinking party at the parking lot. We know tomorrow we are all going to go different directions and speed to get home. So Day 15 is mainly riding on your own.

I got a compliment from Robert D. He was with me in Baja 2005. He said Chris & he used to shake their heads when they followed me then when I was riding the curves. He said that I am doing very well now. (Hello! I have 4 more years of riding experiences since then.)


We will be travelling about 550 Km tomorrow to get home around rush hour! However, the weather forecast says super hot afternoons on our route >33C. I think I may detour to the Pemberton/Whistler Hwy 99 way which is forecasted at ONLY 28C, and also with the sun on our back instead of going west on Hwy 1 facing the hot sun. The hottest place will be near Lilliooet.

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