《A Volunteer Docent at History and Cultural Points in HKS District》__ Rose Ho

Last year, I spent considerable time in Hong Kong for family reasons.  During my spare time, I became a volunteer docent taking people on a historical and cultural tour in the HK Southern District which stretches from Pokfulam, Aberdeen, Ap Lei Chau, Repulse Bay to Stanley.

[Click the Wind Tower image on the right to enjoy the History and Cultural Points in HK South District.]

This volunteer work is a big incentive for me to dig into the historical, cultural and miscellaneous aspects relating to the people, the place and the structures associated with the site.  I prepared a lot for the job as I do not want to be dumb founded when fielded with sort of related but unrelated questions.  I learned a lot myself and I retrained my “memory” from this job.

I enjoyed taking school kids around especially.  One day, I document for you some interesting, impromptu and innocent questions the kids raised.

Because I was a no-pay volunteer, I could choose my dates, my clients (whom I take around) and my way of guiding (no backward sitting on the bus, that is, I must face the front; no speaking on the bus; a batch telling people I am a Volunteer so the “clients” would treat me kindly). I was delighted to be at the Southern District Council’s service as a docent.

Enclosed is an album I compiled for myself which I used as a revision paper, other than my “sticker” notes before I go on each tour.  There was the whole tour of the St. Stephen’s College in Stanley, but I did not document them.  The school is full of WWII history, and the school has its own student docents.  Check out its site on Internet to get a glimpse of its various historical points.

Enjoy……  Click the Wind Tower image on the right to enjoy the History and Cultural Points in HK South District.

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