《In drear-nighted December》by John Keats__江紹倫中譯


In drear-nighted December, 在一個十二月凄涼夜裡
Too happy, happy tree, 真快樂一如快樂的樹
Thy branches ne’er remember你的枝柯從不牽記
Their green felicity: 那綠色的幸福
The north cannot undo them不由北風除去
With a sleety whistle through them; 你的枝柯不被嶊傷
Nor frozen thawings glue them 凍結不解封固
From budding at the prime. 它們任意吐蕊

In drear-nighted December, 在一個十二月凄涼夜裡
Too happy, happy brook, 真快樂一如歡樂溪澗
Thy bubblings ne’er remember 你的瀼瀼流水從不牽記
Apollo’s summer look; 太陽神夏天的容顏
But with a sweet forgetting, 祇帶着甜美的忘記
They stay their crystal fretting, 清流潔的呈現
Never, never petting 勇對冰封的時節
About the frozen time. 永不永不怨懟

Ah! would ’twere so with many 啊但願那許多曾是
A gentle girl and boy! 少男少女
But were there ever any 你們曾有任何一員
Writhed not at passed joy? 不曾婉惜過消逝了的歡樂
The feel of not to feel it, 認識世事變幻並親切感知
When there is none to heal it 世事無常有救治
Nor numbed sense to steel it, 麻木無知亦不可把變化停止
Was never said in rhyme. 這一切從未由詩韻言示

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