《Ward’s Island》__ Rose Ho

Ward's IslandThe first time I heard about Ward’s Island was from a co-op student who worked for me back in the 80’s. He lived on Ward’s Island.
I had no interest then to find out about the island.  Or even if I had gone, I wouldn’t have appreciated the houses there like the way I did this past Monday.
I spent time walking alley by alley, going very slowly to savour the charm, the uniqueness of the locals’ homes and the serenity and peacefulness of their cottage-like environment.  Not too many tourists bother to wander into this eastern part of the “Greater Centre Island”.
I fell in love with the area.  The hour-long wait for the ferry to and back to Toronto was worth it.
I invite you walk with me to enjoy these cottages in the city…..on the Ward’s Island and the Algonquin Island. (Please click the image.)
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