(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Jimmy Kimmel Announces Vice Presidential Run

美国时间周四晚上,著名深夜脱口秀节目“吉米鸡毛秀”(JimmyKimmel Live)主持人坎摩尔正式宣布参与2016大选,竞选副总统。


His official website:

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3 Responses to VICE VICE BABY

  1. Anthony Ho says:

    蒼茫US, 誰主沉浮?

  2. francho says:

    煙雨莽蒼蒼 龜蛇鎖大江


  3. YK 1965 says:

    The Americans deserve whoever will be elected president. The world policman will remain as a good/bad cop without fail.

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