3/15-day Motorcycling Adventure by Bonbon Hu (65)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 (Day 3)

Fort Nelson

This is the 3rd day in a row that we travelled 600Km per day.

We were very lucky today to travel from Grande Prairie, Alberta to Fort Nelson, BC. We had mostly overcast and sunshine from 15C – 21C. It was only the final hour that the temperature dropped to 12C and raining. Overall, it was a good day. The route was OK, mostly straight prairie roads.

Alaska Hwy Mile 0 Post, Dawson Creek

We were at Dawson Creek, BC, having pictures taken at the monumental “MILE ZERO” of the Alaska Highway.

We travelled through Dawson Creek, Fort St. John to reach Fort Nelson. These were all the places I have heard about for decades, and only now seeing them for the first time.

Today I was mostly riding with the Chinese guy, Dan Lee, plus the elderly couple (both over 65 years old), Klaus and Judy. Tomorrow, I will be riding with Bruce (I have yet to find out more about him), and a Scottish old man named Mike. I made it known to the group that I will ride with everyone of them for one day during the journey.

Tonight’s dinner was the best so far. I had 2 beer and a pizza at Boston Pizza.

Super 8 Hotel

Fort Nelson is phenomenal. This Super 8 Motel is bigger than many of the Holiday Inns that you’ve seen. It has all the amenities (swimming pool, gym room, etc.). The room rate is $129/night for me. I have a room with 2 queen size beds, kitchenette, and spacious. It is absolutely not in the same league as the US$49/night Super 8 motels that I stayed in the USA. HaHa.

My iPhone doesn’t have Fido or Rogers signal here. (I was told Telus is good here.) I have a hard time getting the iPhone on WiFi here because of the password situation. Once again, it is a good thing I brought along the laptop.

Fort Nelson is so busy with “crew” in transit. I have seen hundreds of trucks with special large equipments with teams of youngsters (men 20 – 35, stocky and muscular) working in the oil fields. There is no room in town if you have not pre-booked and confirmed. Of course, all expenses are pre-paid by the oil companies. These are all very hard-working and decent young men. This town is the last civilization before these young men head into the wilderness. They are working hard to save some money while they can. Totally not the swear words foul mouth and drunks like I imagine them to be. Such stereotyping!

Thanks to the rain, we have not run into many wild animals, mosquitoes, black flies………etc. I am told that it would change dramatically tomorrow. It will be mostly sunshine tomorrow. We will be travelling through twisty roads, with lots of wild animals and mosquitoes………..ayah! Tomorrow we will sleep in Watson Lake, Yukon.

Last night in BC. Won’t be back to BC for a week. Yukon  & Alaska, here we come.

I realize how nice and polite people are in BC and Alberta. Greater Vancouver is such an exception, especially Richmond.

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