《蔣介石(1887-1975) 詩選》江紹倫英譯

《Chiang Kai-shek (Jiang Jieshi) Poems (1887-1975)》Chiang Kai-shek

《述志(1909)》《My Determination 1909》
騰騰殺氣滿全球  Hot is the killing spirit in a world so ill
力不如人萬事休  Inferior to powers ten thousand matters stand still
光我神州完我責  Duty bound I vow to keep motherland secured
東來志豈在封侯  Coming to study in Japan noble laurels not my will
[ Note: At age 21 Chiang was sent by the Qing Dynasty to study at a military college in Japan. He wrote this the following year.]

《雪竇山口占一绝句 (1920)》《On Mt. Shedou (1920)》
雪山名胜擅幽姿  This snow mountain what a serene sight
不到三潭不見奇  Three pools all wonders and scenic surprises
我與林泉盟在夙  Woods and springs here my indigenous favorites
功成退隱莫遲遲  Whence in success a hermit life here not too late

《常平站感吟一绝 (1925)》《Thoughts at Chang Ping Station (1925)》
親率三千子弟兵  With three hundred student soldiers up front I lead
鴟鴞未靖此東征  In this eastern campaign the cunning owls not rid
艱難革命成孤憤  The revolution stranded in difficulty I alone irate
揮劍長空涕淚橫  I thrust my sword skyward tears readily rain

《出發校閱撰歌二則》《To Review My Army Force – Two poems (1928)》
五月三日是國仇  The third of May is our national rancor
國亡豈許爾優游  Losing a nation allows no one to leisure
親愛精誠       Caring and truthful
團結一致       Unite in one mind
快來共奮鬥     Together we hurriedly strive
革命革命       Revolution again revolution
犧牲犧牲       Sacrifice more sacrifice
黑鐵赤血       Black iron in red blood out
For motherland’s independence equality and freedom
Independence、Equality、The Chinese Republic will be truly free

北伐雖完志未酬  Concluding the Northern Expedition I stand unfulfilled
男兒壯志報國仇  To quell our motherland’s rancor is a man’s will
革命未成死不休  Revolution is the only action to treat our national ills
北伐雖完志未酬  Until a success in revolution to death I shall not sit still

《游峨眉口占二首》《Touring Mt. Omei (1935)》
朝霞映旭日  Against the colors of dawn the sun rises
梵貝伴清風  In gentle winds scripture chants murmur nigh
雪山千古冷  The snow mountain is cold since old times
獨照峨眉峰  For the Omei peak a unique shine

步上峨眉頂  Up the Omei peak I climb
強消天下憂  Leaving all worldly concerns behind
逢寺思慈母  Visiting every temple I bear my mother in mind
望兒感獨遊  Touring alone in my mother’s mind

《六三自箴(1949)》《Reflection on 63rd Birthday (1949)》
虛度六三  Sixty three years I lived days trivial
受恥招敗  Shames and failures endured
毋惱毋怒  Neither regret nor wrath
莫矜莫慢  No boasting no indolence
不愧不怍  No remorse nor deceit
自足自反  Self-sufficient and in frequent reflections
小子何幸  Lucky is this person
獨蒙神愛  Grateful to God’s affection
惟危惟艱  Meeting crisis and challenges
自警自覺  Self-awake and self-conscious
復興中華  Striving to revitalize China
再造民國  For Republic reconstruction

《四箴 (1950)》
《Four Principles for Self-advise (1950)》
[Note: At age 63 and accepting life in Taiwan, Chiang spent his days for self-reflection and nurturing longevity.  These principles in poetic style emanate largely from Confucian and Daoist wisdoms in the Chinese tradition.]

Chiang1《法天自強》《Self-empowerment in Natural Rules》

Nurture body and spirit in harmony and centrality
Accept natural differences in man and woman variety
Live truthfully in continuous activities
Spur the spirit to actualize cosmic possibilities
Expand virtue in keeping with heaven and earth
Enshrine vision with the shines of sun and moon
Uphold respect in all scopes of humanity
Contain personal desires and act righteously




《養天自樂》《Nurture Longevity in Happiness》Chiang2

Keep the mind pure and simple as uncultivated lands
Direct all instincts to achieve self-fulfillment
Treat life wide as wilderness and deep as ravine
As birds fly and fishes glide at ease
Swim leisurely and acknowledge the deeps
Be active and happy
Remember past and present to enrich self-sufficiency
Care for others with empathy




Chiang3《畏天自修》《Revere Nature for Self-cultivation》

See carefully and hear humbly
Be vigilant and trustworthy
Be attentive and positive
Be reserved and inhibitive
Pursue the ultimate truth with explorations
Be kind and ready to be righteous
Develop self-respect and keep promises
Exercise self-constrain and show propriety




Chiang4《事天自安》《Honor Nature to Fortify Self-confidence》

Keep the mind calm and spirit growing
Dwell on reasons in support of initiatives
Exercise innate potentials to challenge destiny
Integrate self with matters and motions in the universe
Worry not and fear not
Embrace The Way and adhere to Nature’s leads
Do not boast nor practice deceit
Live with dignity and self-reliance

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