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Stuporman, a.k.a. Rob Ford, the youngest son of Doug and Diane Ford, of the planet Etobicoke/Toronto, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The wealthy Ford family owns Deco Labels, a multi-national labelling and printing firm based in Etobicoke. Rob has disguised himself as the elected mayor of Toronto since 2010 , and claimed to be the frontman of the Ford Nation/his supporters. Representatives of the Evil Media (which are constantly trying to dig up dirt about our super-anti-hero) have struck gold recently, from the crack video, to his admission of having smoked cocaine, to having a Mickey while driving, to have purchased illegal drugs in the past two years. Upon admission to such mis-deeds, he has stubbornly refused to step down, but repeatedly opened his foul mouth, to provide us with great amazement and constant entertainment. He stayed close to his drug dealer friends, dragged in his Stuporman Family and staff, and performed other related parodies to his ongoing story, which led us to question his ‘stupordity’.

Before he became the Mayor of Toronto, he was a city councillor for 10 years. He had always been a loner, and was a strong critic of other councillors’ spending habit.  Ford was known for his controversial comments and passionate arguments at Council. He ran for mayor on the platform of stopping the City Hall gravy train. He was very popular with the ‘Joe Public.’ He won with 47% of the votes (383,501). People expected him to cut spending and save them money. Ford himself claimed he saved taxpayers 1 billion dollars. But according to an article of the Toronto Star, this is much debatable  (

As for the ongoing fiasco, no need to repeat here. There are tons of reporting already.

He believes in his own invincibility, since there is no municipal law to impeach or kick out an existing bad mayor. He is sitting tight and lashes out once in a while with the threat of a law suit. Other than trying to restrict his power, there is not much the City Council can do at the moment, unless the Province of Ontario intervene with some new laws.

Ford revealed to US  Fox News Channel today of his ambition:  to be prime minister one day.  Oh yeah, PM of Crack Nation?!

As the world turns, our Stuporman marches on.

Stay tuned.

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