《In Praise of Autumn》_《Autumn Thoughts》 by Kong Shiu Loon

fall coloursIn Praise of Autumn 

A season you are
Not like any other
Golden leaves lingering on trees
Ready to mix with other colours to please

Wonders in your cloudless sky eternally shine
Bounty melons fruits and corn witness farmers’ pride
Where sheep and cattle graze meadows are left bare
Migrating geese get busy their long flights prepare 

A season of earnest hope and searching reflection
Soon winter will arrive with threats of repression
Maturity and harvest mark your riches
Together with delicious Thanksgiving turkey

How many people ascend to the platform of maturity
To experience the fruits of life with no worry
To enjoy what’s present and forget acquisition flurry
To enter winter the season to be

Ah autumn you are a season of poetic fonts
With life events and struggles more than half gone
Duties and responsibilities behind happy and forlorn
Anticipation of renewing aspirations lifelong

I say autumn is an exhilarating season
Nature’s enchantment triggering toils and tears for a reason
Urging our body and mind to access far-most reaches
Our tempered wishes feature creative strives and successes

Whence the limits of life appears in sight
Times before autumn should have prepared us right
No matter forwards or backwards we will look
Satisfaction and pride will be vividly seen in our book

Autumn Thoughts

‘Tis nice to climb up high where blows the autumn air
To level with the mountains their greens so fair
To breathe deep the lung-filling chill air
To look up heads held high to reach the blue firmament
To feel the grass under feet moist tickling a sense of heaven
To imagine stories in other times of love and languishment
To sit on clouds floating free unconcerned of going where
And believe that life is far from being nightmares
But a dream to be pursued
That one day all wishes will come true

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