Rob o’Call ®

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

If you are a Schoolyard Bully,

Who ya gonna call?


If you are a Facebook, Twitter Bully

Who ya gonna call?


If you are Rob Ford,

Who ya gonna call?



Here is an App for you, to show your teeth, and your muscle, and to let your unfortunate, unfortunate opponents know, you mean business. DO NOT ever stand in your way again.

The creator of this App, i.e. Mayor Ford, has raised the Art of Bullying to a new height. And he promised, there are more to come.

Using this App is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Pick your victim
  2. Choose your message (We have a whole list to choose from, from the subtly threatening to the explicit %$#&!?@*)
  3. Send

But there are a few Pre-requisites.

You have to have friends in high places, the higher the better.

You have to have friends in low places, for example, BFF you won’t throw under the bus, and those who can retrieve your lost items.

Take a beer or two (or even something stronger) before using the App, to build confidence and atmosphere.

Use your own money, I repeat, your own dough only, that won’t cause the taxpayers a cent (and of course, unless it is that Subway).

Nowadays it is difficult to be a bully. Look at the 2 Florida girls who got charged after their bullied victim jumped to her death.

Using this App, Mayor Ford has bullied and blasted a path through City Hall. Councillor Paul Ainslie threatened to complain to the city’s integrity commissioner and to a federal regulator, but the most he can get is an apology. Big deal.


So when your bullying is in trouble,

Who ya gonna call?


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