Who’s That ? The Answer

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the honorary Canadian Ranger, in Nunavut. Vladimir Putin wouldn't be impressed. (Aug. 21, 2013)Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the honorary Canadian Ranger, in Nunavut. Vladimir Putin wouldn’t be impressed. (Aug. 21, 2013)

何老師有令, 出了試題, 就不能交白卷, 索取答案, 否則等住吃蛋可矣。如果跟據以上圖片 caption, 答案似乎是 PM Stephen Harper, honorary ranger, 但縂是有奌不滿意。

在網上搜索了多天, eureka ! 特然发現, 就是他, 那个滑溜 (evasive) 的 Waldo !

看官, 有圖為証, 你話, 是不是有奌相似嘛 !?

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4 Responses to Who’s That ? The Answer

  1. Anthony Ho says:

    You are a good man hunter!

  2. YK 1965 says:

    Even Waldo is of a different stripe(s)! Maybe Harpie also needs to fashion 4 fingers as a cartoon character, hiding away from Parliament Hill.

  3. Don Chen says:

    One of the U of Chicago application essays topic this year is “where is Waldo?”

    My son Adam took this topic and wrote a 500 words essay.

    He wrote that Waldo is doing 007 work in HongKong.

    He got wait listed at U of Chicago.

    I asked my son: who is Waldo?
    He explained to me. I still do not know.

  4. francho says:

    Where’s Waldo? is the title of the first Waldo book. Released in 1987, the book was the result of more than two-years of detailed work by illustrator Martin Handfordthat gobbled.

    Where’s Wally? introduces readers to Wally, a distinctively dressed man, as he sets off on “a world-wide hike”. Waldo travels to everyday places – such as the beach, the ski slopes and the zoo. The book features 12 detailed 2-page illustrated spreads of the different locations. Somewhere amid the crowded scene is Waldo and readers are asked to scour the detailed illustrations to locate the lost traveler. Each scene is accompanied by a postcard to the reader from Waldo, who introduces the scene and comments on his travels.

    Waldo sets out on his journey equipped with 12 items to help him on his travels. He carries a walking stick, kettle, mallet, cup, backpack, sleeping bag, binoculars, camera, snorkel, belt, bag and shovel. As Waldo journeys from location to location he loses one of these item, and asks the reader to locate the object left behind in each scene as well.

    At the end of the book there is a collection of check-lists of other things to find in each spread. Readers are asked to go back to the beginning and re-explore each scene locating other objects, gags and people in each picture.

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