“The Spirit of Hong Kong” Photo Contest__Rose Ho

Friends and family, I need your support…your vote.                Photo Contest Lot_1

I have entered the photo contest run by Cathay Pacific.  My first submission of 11 photos have been posted on the site today.
I need your support.  I need your vote.  If you like my photos, please also get your friends to vote for them.
Although the voting for this lot ends Sept. 26, the votes are counted each week for a weekly winner.  Therefore, if you all can submit your votes this week so they are not spread over two (weeks), that would help.  (However, don’t put it a burden on yourself to vote this week.)
1.  The site ishttps://www.cathaypacific-campaign.com/SpiritOfHK/en/
2.  Go to “Gallery” to look for photos.
3.  Search by name “Ho Rose Chiu Kwan Chan” for my photos.  (Ho Rose + my Chinese name 肖群…with the surname of ‘Chan’ 陳 coming last!)
4.  You can cast as many votes as you like for each one.  (As of today, all of mine got zippo (0) vote.)
5.  Of course, if you don’t like mine, you have the choice not to vote for them.
6.  How each photo is ranked…the criteria is also on the site.  Technicality is only 1/4 of it.  The others pertain to the label, the wordings and the relevancy to the title “What the Spirit of Hong Kong means to you?”

have enclosed a pdf file to show the photos I posted.  But you have to go to the site to cast the vote.

I will post a second lot next week, the last week for photo submission, and will send a reminder to you to vote for them when this second lot got posted.

[My daughter tried to do it.  Yes, the process has some pain and some restrictions.  Also, it requires patience.]

1.  Restrictive – you have to have a google (e.g. gmail) account or Facebook to vote.
2.  The first time you click on Vote, it will bring you to a page asking you for your ID (gmail or Facebook).
3.  Once (2) is done, then you can vote.4.  But after you click Vote, the response is very slow.  If successful, a message (in a box) will come back and tell you that your voting is successful.
5.  Your ID will allow you to cast one vote for one photo only.
6.  Only 10 photos are shown on the display page, my daughter has difficulty locating the 11th one.  When she clicks on page 2, the site will bring her to other people’s photos.
7.  You have to search by Label to locate the 11th one (which is the one with title: Tough But Not Tumbled).  My pdf file has a list of all 11 photos.

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