《滿江紅》 江紹倫

《滿江紅》  江紹倫

 Tune: A River in Red        On Air Toronto to Hong Kong           By Kong Shiu Loon, summer of 2013

The silvery bird soarsmoonkonghung copy
Above all clouds float
Leisurely gallantly it goes

Lo the expansive sky
Serene luminous fine
My mind opens valley wide

Twenty-three days I visit places familiar
Forty-six years what ups and downs my career

I went abroad to seek knowledge to apply
My venture was not to keep wings from flights

Now that I had gone through the universe
I dedicate to promote world-wide my Chinese culture

What events in the old country
Deliberating current scenes and resent history

So much had changed for people
Their souls afflicted ample

How I watched cultural legends and lore destroyed
How I anticipate old values reaffirming with joy

Whence a delightful grand purview presents
New colours intense

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