Green Power by Kong Shiu Loon, 2013

Toronto in July One
I’ve come to join the fun
Drawn by waves of sound and noises
Amid screams jeers and demanding voices
For rights to differ and to expose

At dusk I walk by a campus
Learning place for universals
Now drowned in hums of electronic drums
There was once Green Peace to save earth and people
Now adds Green Space to encourage open intimate dazzle

Green is nature’s beauty extravagance
Its diverse gleams a serene time marker
Trees and vegetables grow and wither in cycles
For eyes to see and please
For ears to hear and keep peace

Should one question how social progress proceed
Should one remain meek
Are there differences between humans and nature
Or life is but pumpkins and travels

Pumpkins grow in quiet open fields
Travels go with cars and boats
Campuses are never for screams and body exposes
In an evening otherwise simple
I look for greens in milliard shades
Time remains serene never in haste

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