Who are in the picture?

MCS 1970This picture was taken at Maryknoll Convent School.
Sr. Jeanne Houlihan who later became Principal of MCS and Fr. Morris from WYK who later left the Jesuit order.  The 5th boy from the left could be Richard Tsang Yip Fat or Shiu Sin Por (class of 67).
Could all these be boys from WYK?  Would these all be in the 60’s? What’s the occasion?  Debating at MCS?
Would appreciate any help to refresh my fading memory.  Thank you.
Anthony Ho

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  1. Anthony Ho says:

    “This was I believe the debating team which usually had a barbecue afterwards with Fr. Orlando presiding. It must be about 1965 because we had changed into modified habit.

  2. Yu Fong-ying says:

    I cannot supply the information you ask for, but I can put in a few words about Fr Morris. He was Mr Peter Morris when I joined the HK Polytechnic and became his colleague. He taught engineering students English. He was an amiable, learned and sometimes humorous colleague. His book A Pleasure in Words (Commercial Press, 1988, 578 pp) shows his erudition of classical languages and culture. Unfortunately, I have not kept in touch with him after my immigration in 1995.

  3. Yu Fong-ying says:

    You might like to read this brief biography of Peter Morris printed on the blurb of his book “A Pleasure in Words” (1988). “Peter Thomas Morris, BA, LPhil, STL, DipCat, MA (HKU), an Irishman, was born in Dublin, and education by the Jesuits in Belvedere College (Dublin), the same school which James Joyce attended and which he wrote about in his “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”. For his Bachelor of Arts degree he majored in English and French. He studied “Twentieth Century Western Literature and Thought” for his Master’s degree, his thesis being “D.H. Lawrence and Christianity”.
    For the past 27 years he has been teaching English to Chinese secondary and tertiary students (who know him by his Chinese name 潘敏賢). He has also been a reviewer of English textbooks for the Hong Kong Education Department. Prior to his present post as Lecturer in the Department of Translation, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he was for 14 years a member of the teaching staff of the Hong Kong Plytechnic’s Department of Languages. In addition to articles in the South China Morning Post, he has written a very popular book, “Chinese Sayings — What They Reveal of Chinese History and Culture”. He is frequently in demand by Hong Kong companies to direct courses on writing and public speaking for their managerial staff.”

  4. A Ho says:

    Rev. Peter Morris taught at WYK in 1955-56, 65-66 and 67-71.

  5. AH says:

    “Looks like me. But I am not sure. We did have a debate function with them, but it was in our school. This must be about something else.

    Sin Por”

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